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Bits and Bites for June 24, 2010

“Bits and Bites” features some of today’s food and nutrition related news and tips from around the world.

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Instead of flipping through cookbooks or searching the web, do you want advice and guidance on healthy recipes to appear in your inbox?  Sign up for WebMD’s “Healthy Recipes” Newsletter.  While you are there, pick out more topics that you’d like information on, such as “Weight Loss Wisdom” or “Fitness”.

More on WebMD:  Obesity After Age 50 Raises Diabetes Risk

Not really new news, but emphasizes how important a healthy diet and exercise plan are to prevent chronic disease later in life, including both diabetes and cancer.   Try incorporating the principles of a Mediterranean Diet into your everyday meal plans.

NPR:  Hospital Food Goes Organic

When you visit a loved one in the hospital, have you ever noticed that the cafeteria is not exactly the best place for healthy food?  John Muir Medical Center in Concord CA (near San Francisco) is changing that by offering locally grown and organic foods.

Breast is Best:  Six Months of Breast Milk Gives Babies Immune Boost

The World Health Organization recommends that new mothers exclusively breast feed their children for the first six months of life.  But even if that isn’t in the cards for you, breastfeeding as long as possible brings many health benefits to both mom and baby. .

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