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Open source software: A pillar of modern software development

They offer 100+ flexible templates that fully adapt to mobile devices. Your site is hosted on WordPress servers, with an address in the format Users of the free service don’t get email or live chat support, but the WordPress community forums are very active and questions are usually answered within a few minutes. Additionally, privacy protection for domains that are registered at is free. Creating your first blog is very straightforward, with a simple wizard that guides you through the process of choosing a name and suitable theme.

Ultimately, “best” will depend on you and your situation. PROBESEVEN is a leading professional IT solution provider, Customized software development and Product development company serving across the global sphere with a wide range of Web Solutions. This is a hub of information deliberated to provide recent updates and tech happenings to aid business and IT revolution across various industries that wish to stay updated and educated.

Many SEO techniques are repetitive processes full of details. So, it’s also ideal to have a platform for your blog that can remind you to optimize for search as you build each blog. For example, HubSpot SEO software offers on-page tips like reminding you to add alt text to blog images. The content editor is the core of every blogging platform. As a blogger, you might be working with this editor every day, so make sure you pick a platform with an editor you like. CMS Hub is a content management system created by HubSpot.

Joomla offers rich built-in functionality as well as thousands of extensions. For example, Joomla allows you to create custom post types, manage hundreds of users, and publish content in multiple languages right out of the box. Craft CMS also offers an image editor, collaboration tools, and a localization feature that 6 Reasons to Consider Offshore Software Development can translate your content to specific languages. You can now also manage multiple blogs from within a single Craft install. To analyze your content’s performance, you can integrate Craft CMS’ dashboard with Google Analytics. Craft CMS is a blogging platform designed for developers, designers, and web professionals.

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One of the most well-known and prolific writers in the systems space, yet blogs semi-anonymously. For someone like me simply learning all the “lingo”, you have certainly given me easy to understand breakdown. All enough to pick the appropriate blogging site suited for my needs and overall expectations. After years of ignoring Medium, you guys have slowly convinced me to give it a try.

The Best Blogging Platforms of 2023

Her writing is informed by her experience as a data science consultant working with Python, Spark, and SQL. Vladimir is writing mainly about Domain-Driven Design and testing. His posts are very informative and teaches you a lot about main concepts of DDD. He shows the examples in C#, but the concepts can be applied to any language. People who are interested in DDD and testing best practices may find the blog interesting.

Slack is the collaboration hub that brings the right people together with all the right information and tools to get work done. Learn about Netflix’s world-class engineering efforts, company culture, product developments, and more. Netflix is a streaming service that offers a wide variety of award-winning TV shows, movies, anime, documentaries, and more, on thousands of internet-connected devices.

  • There are no plugins or extras to add to your Tumblr blog.
  • The only people who viewed me as an authority on blogging or writing were my wife and maybe one of our cats.
  • But it’d be nice to have the option to preview how your post looks on different devices.
  • In order to make our recommendations, we looked at dozens of data points, including ease of use, costs, customer support, reviews, features and functionality.
  • Outside of work, Beren is an avid rock climber and music nut.

I’m thinking that once I get everything going I can later revisit WP and see how if it’s a fit at that time. Most posts are 100% free, but some posts you won’t be able to read unless you become a paid member. Someone asking — moments after saying they were a “huge fan” of my site — if they could submit a guest post about dentistry. …and I don’t want to charge monies for what I would be blogging about, either. I really look forward to the day I’ll hit the publish button on Medium. That sounds like a great walkthrough for your students.

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Google Drive gives you 15GB of space free, so Blogger is a good choice if you’re planning to share a lot of high-res photos. And what makes Wix truly compelling is that on top of this, you get the run of the rest of what this website builder offers aside from blog support. Because this is open source software, you will have total control over what happens on your blog, and that includes deciding to feature your own ads, for which the money will go straight to you.

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Better to freelance for a journal that will pay you some of what they’re taking in. For experienced developers looking for strong security and advanced features, SilverStripe is one of the best free blogging platforms to consider. It’s a free, open-source CMS that’s easy to use once it’s set up, but you’ll need web skills to get that far. Key tools include a web-based administration panel, a WYSIWYG website editor, rich-text editing, quick embedding of videos, and a drag-and-drop, tree-based navigation structure.

How we test the best blogging platforms

So it’s great news that Site123 offers free 24/7 live chat support to help you set up your blog. Articles on building high performing teams, software development and technical leadership. The blog writes includes various topics spanning from spinning up new SaaS products, running services at scale and techniques for solving difficult problems.

SEI Insights contains blog posts that cover Software Engineering, Vulnerability Analysis, Insider Threat, Development Operations, and our architecture technology user network. It is a federally funded research and development center conducting research in a variety of software engineering practices. LinkedIn lets users directly share blog posts, helping users reach some of the 875M people on the platform. This gives businesses with new blogs an audience for thought leadership and to drive site traffic. Contently allows you to manage your entire content creation process in one place.

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You can easily find other bloggers using WordPress since it’s so popular. There are huge Facebook groups and online forums devoted to WordPress where you can get help with any questions and even ask for feedback about your website. You could even learn to code your own plugins if you wanted to. You can choose from thousands of useful WordPress plugins (add-ons) to give your blog extra features. Most users do this with WordPress plugins and themes , though it’s certainly possible to customize your website’s code itself, if you want to do that.

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You can do that much more cheaply using and buying your own web hosting — especially if you don’t need all the other features that come with the eCommerce level of You can’t upload your own plugins and themes, only ones that allows. The free option lets you try out blogging at no cost — and could be all you need for a hobby blog. is based on the same core software as, giving you an excellent blogging solution. This means it will end up being a lot more expensive than if you want to run even a simple online store. The basic level of is available for free.

Top 3: Best free blog website platforms

It also easily integrates with Google Analytics and has its own affiliate plan. Wix is best for building static websites rather than blogs. It uses a drag-and-drop interface, making it quick and easy to get started with, and it comes with 800 professionally designed templates. Scott Berkun is a lot of things besides a software developer and does most of his writings on other topics. Still, we’re quite convinced his blog deserves to be on our list of top software development blogs. Programmers can find lots of useful and relevant resources here and posts that are quite exciting.

Making your blog with Jekyll avoids the need to work with technicalities such as databases, upgrades and so on. That means there are fewer things to go wrong, and you can build something from scratch rather than having to rely on templates. For more details, follow our tutorial how to build a blog with Jekyll. When we reviewed Joomla, we found it offered some excellent out-of-the-box tools, as well as a good range of extensions, and overall impressive flexibility in how your blog looks and feels. However, we didn’t feel it was suitable for anyone without technical or coding skills. Our article on how to make a website will help get you started with an option like this, but you’ll also need to acquaint yourself with WordPress’s extensive documentation .

Our advice would be to steer clear of free blogging sites if you can, as we’ve tested them and found that it isn’t always a good option for the majority. However, should you still want to proceed, we have made a list (from the services we’ve tested) of the best blogging sites out there. You can also potentially earn money as a blogger through ecommerce links. You write about a product, use a special link to allow readers to buy that product, and if you do, you get a cut. Just as you can write short posts on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram without having a website, there are other social networks that allow you to write long articles and post them there. You’re tied into the platform’s own system and you don’t get any control over how your blog looks and feels.

In which case, here’s the best free blogging platform for you. But if your main interest is simply getting your blog post read by lots of people, LinkedIn could do the job. Where you would normally post an update, simply click the icon ‘Write an article’. You can then enter a headline, upload an article image, and type in your blog post. More and more artists and designers are promoting themselves with email newsletters.